Print Advertising

Deadline: Monday 12:00 Noon
Published: Weekly on Tuesday
Circulation: 5550

Display Ads
Price $5.90/column inch
Each Spot Color - $90 flat
Full Process Color - $260

Repeated Display Advertisement - 25% DISCOUNT
Ads that run consecutive without changes and are 10 column inches or larger will receive a 25% discount each week after first run.

Repeat Display Ads/Classifieds - 50% DISCOUNT
Ads in the classified section that run 4 or more consecutive weeks without any changes & are 4 total column inches or larger will receive a 50% discount each additional week after first run. First 4 weeks must be paid in advance. All accounts must be kept current in order to receive discount. (*Help Wanted Ads and Political Ads are excluded from discounts.)

Classified Ads
Line classified advertisement
Classified - $6.00 plus 10¢ per word (Optional Photo: $5.00)

$45.00 per thousand on a 4 page broad sheet = $249.75
Anything larger please call for pricing.

Trustees Sales, etc. $9.60 per column inch

Various contract rates to fit your budget and schedule are available upon request.
Contact your advertising consultant for complete details.

Equation For Pricing
Column(s) Wide (w) x Inches Tall (t) = Total Column Inches
Total Column Inches x Cost Per Column Inch ($5.40) = Total Cost

Full page size is 6 col. wide (11.625”) x 21.5” tall (t).

Special Editions & Pages


Darren Oliver
Advertising Manager
931.403.NEWS (6397)

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Rachel Smith
Advertising Consultant
931.403.NEWS (6397)

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Morgan Walters
Advertising Consultant
931.403.NEWS (6397)

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